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What is Vastu Shastra? 

Vastu Shastra means the science of architecture. It's more of an art and not just about building homes or offices. It teaches one how to live, work, and play in harmony with nature, which brings peace and prosperity to your life.

It is difficult to find the best vastu consultants in Noida and it is even more difficult to trust them with all your problems. Koncept Vastu understand that a building must function as one unit and should not be treated as a collection of structures. It must be designed as a structure that provides support for the people who live in it.

Find a Qualified Architect, and Get Started!

Looks like you can find a great architect in Noida. This guide will help you plan out what's best for your business and get started! Many people ask how they can find a qualified architect to work with them on a Vastu-inspired design. The truth is, finding an expert with experience and skill in Vastu architecture can be challenging. Like any specialized field, it requires research and effort to find those who know what they're doing, let alone someone who has built a strong reputation in their industry. To start your search for the best Vastu consultants in Noida quickly and easily, keep these tips in mind: Evaluate certifications - One of the most important things you need to consider when hiring an architect is his or her education level.

Need Expert Advice?

If you're looking for a Vastu consultant in Noida, you need expert advice that's tailored to your unique home or office. Simply describe your situation and our Vastu experts will get back to you with free advice that's right for you. Services offered include consultation, analysis, design, and more. A free consultation is also available for commercial spaces, places of worship, and large buildings.

Vastu Is The Key

Many people believe that opening a business in a specific location is all that's required to ensure success. However, we at Vastu Shastra Consulting know better.

The Importance Of Right Location

Location is a key factor that has to be taken into consideration when one wants to build or buy a home. It does not matter whether you are living in an apartment or looking for commercial property, it is important to get help from someone who knows about space and how it affects us. The best way is to contact Vastu consultants. Vaastu Shastra Services provide accurate information regarding the location of properties according to their interior planning and design.

What Makes A Good Home?

A home is supposed to make you feel comfortable and safe, but if your home isn't arranged according to Vastu principles, it may be causing several problems for you. If you're considering changing up your interior design or redesigning your new home, hire a Vastu expert who can conduct consultations at each stage of planning to ensure that your space meets or exceeds all standards of Indian architecture.

Principles Of Vedic Architecture

The direction in which a house is built also has an impact on its inhabitants. The most auspicious direction for a home, according to Vastu shastra, is northeast. While there are many variations and exceptions to these rules of construction, it is always better to consult a Online Vastu Consultant while building your house or while making additions to an existing structure. This can help you ensure that your new home will be friendly and easy to live in.

Common Misconceptions About Vastu Shastra

There are a lot of misconceptions about Vastu shastra. Some people think that if they don't follow it, their homes and businesses won't flourish, while others believe they can save money by doing it themselves. The truth is that not following Vastu shastra doesn't doom your home or business. It just means you may have to work harder to achieve success.

Must Know Tips For Better Living

Getting a specific spacious room designed and remodeled according to Vastu shastra will attract good luck and wealth into your life.

It is necessary to design one's housekeeping in mind that all four corners of a Vastu shastra compliant building should be pointing towards North, East, South, and West respectively.

Painting color selection should be done with utmost care as it can affect one's health and well-being positively or negatively.

Altering the existing architecture by extending or adding new blocks or even floors to an already built structure may create the problem of negative energy or reduce its positive effects, hence must be avoided if not done by experienced Vastu consultants.

You should think twice before buying a property in a posh area because merely living there doesn't bring good fortune; you need to make certain modifications too.

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